Real77Story 7.72 Highrate starting in: SERVER STARTED!

  25 Jul 2018 - Forum is open!

Hello, forum is open!

visit and discuss about upcoming server!

posted by GODLiKE

  15 May 2018 - Server rates


Real77Story highrate edition server rates:

Experience stages:
Level 1-25_____x100
Level 26-50___x85
Level 51-75___x70
Level 76-100__x55
Level 101+____x35

Other rates:
Skill: x30
Magic: x10
Loot: x2
Money drop rate: x2

Mana&HP regeneration: x2

Update 17.05.2018:
-write 'cash' to every NPC which selling runes to take 100cc for 1gp!
-runes have infinity charges,
-exp stages & rates are much higher for beta time

posted by GODLiKE

  04 May 2018 - Real77 incoming!

Hello everyone, - Open Tibia Server based on game protocol 7.72 highrate coming soon. Main point of highrate server is eliminate bugs and prepare game for long term lowrate server.

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