Real77Story 7.72 Highrate starting in: SERVER STARTED!
Experience stages
Level 1 to Level 8 x3
Level 9 to Level 90 x2
Level 90+ x1


Other rates
Skills x2
Magic x1
Loot x1
Gold drop x2


Frag system
White skull 15 Minutes
Red skull: 30 Days
Frags to Red skull: 3 kills in a day, 5 in a week and 10 in a month
Frags to banishment: 6 kills in a day, 10 in a week and 20 in a month
Ban Time: 7 Days


World Type, client & location info:
World Type PvP
Client version Custom 7.72 (Anti-bot protection)
Location: United Kingdom (London)


Gameplay information
Premium Account Paid
Promotion Premium Account
Outfits Premium Account
Boats and Spells Free Account
PZ Lock 15 Minutes
Protection Level Rookgaard
    Requirements to buy house: PACC, 20 level
Requirements to create guild: PACC, 20 level


Premium Account features
Ability to buy house (level 20 required), monthly rent from depo of house city
Ability to create guild (level 20 required)
Ability to use premium spells
Ability to buy promotion (faster regeneration, 3% less death loss)
Ability to wear premium outfits
Additional information
Game features like 7.72
Blessings protect only from experience, magic and skill loss, do not forget to wear Amulet of Loss.
There is no level to use weapons, helmets, pants, amulets, boots, etc.
Death loss is 10% (exp, mlvl, skills)
Promotion gives you -3% to death loss
There are 5 blessings, each bless cost 10k and gives you -1% death loss, you lose all blessings after death!
With all blessings + promotion you lose only 2% of your hard work after death


Vocation HP Seconds Vocation Mana Seconds
Elite Knight 5 3 sec Elite Knight 5 6 sec
Knight 5 6 sec Knight 5 6 sec
Royal Paladin 5 4 sec Royal Paladin 5 3 sec
Paladin 5 8 sec Paladin 5 4 sec
Master Sorcerer 5 6 sec Master Sorcerer 5 2 sec
Sorcerer 5 12 sec Sorcerer 5 3 sec
Elder Druid 5 6 sec Elder Druid 5 2 sec
Druid 5 12 sec Druid 5 3 sec
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Players: 0
Accounts: 173
Characters: 189
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